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Get pain remedies that work for you!

Therapy is one of the best ways to treat body pain. At Better Living Services Inc, we'll diagnose the cause of your ailments and treat it with the most appropriate therapy. Let our experts help you recover from your injuries in a quick and healthy manner.


Get the right physical therapy to cure your pain and ailments by visiting our center today. Schedule an appointment with our staff by calling 912-685-4331.

Orthopedic specialists for post-op physical therapy

Our company has therapists who've been in the business for over 36 years. We've earned a reputation of producing excellent results and share a great rapport with physicians from other fitness centers and clinics too.

Physical therapy with long lasting results

  • Total joint replacement - hip, knee, and shoulder

  • Neck and back injuries

  • Car accidents

  • Whiplash

Don't compromise on your overall well-being